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Vincent Longo

VL Life Blog
  • How To Do Daytime: Double Eyeliner

    If you are comfortable with basic black but afraid to push cosmetic limits at the office, try incorporating a little pop of color without going overboard. You can choose any combination when doubling up on your eyeliner for a wearable daytime look that’s work appropriate, with just the right amount of edge!

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  • Artistic Smokey Eye

    Add artistic contrast with a smoky eye that emphasizes shade definition with neutrals in gradual degrees of color, rather than blanketing the eye area with a series of dark colors. It’s a great way for smaller, closer set eyes to benefit from a smoky look without diminishing the overall shape and size (as darker tones of black and brown tend to do).

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  • Winter Ready Make Up: The Ice Princess

    Channel your inner ice princess with a fantasy make up look that embraces cold fusion! With a combination of pale yet pearly colors, you can create a winter wonderful face that glows.

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  • Trends You Need To Know: Dark Romance

    Dusky florals have been ruling the runway, taking the traditional femininity of big blooms into darker realms. Deep shades of plum, navy, black, charcoal and chocolate feel less like spring…think more along the lines of a mystical winter garden!

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  • Supercharge Your Look: The Modern Pin-Up

    Modernize the traditional ‘pinup girl’ look with a dramatic pop art color statement. You can choose whether to elongate, angle or tilt the shadow shape to best emphasize your facial features. Outlining the shape on the eye before adding powder helps to manage the application process easily, for mistake-proof results at home!

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  • Foolproof Tips For Wide Open Eyes

    Using a dark eyeliner reduces the visual perception of length, width, and overall volume, making your cornea appear smaller and closed in.

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  • Glowing Dewy Skin

    The Essential Steps For Glowing Dewy Skin

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  • Monochromatic Looks

    Monochromatic makeup can be difficult to pull off when taken too literally; cosmetic overkill can easily happen when using one shade to highlight every feature. By pairing different hues within the same color family in a multitude of textures and finishes, you can amplify the base color yet create a wearable look.

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  • How To Cut The Crease

    The cut crease is a new way to add sophisticated drama; depth along the natural arc of the eye is emphasized for stylish impact. It is a little more polished than a smoky look, but has the same effect of drawing everyone’s attention upwards to your beautiful eyes!

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  • A Metal Moment

    Creating a wearable version of the look at Rodarte’s Fall 2014 Show

    The metallic color spectrum is having more than fifteen minutes of fame; this trend now stands strong from season to season. The holidays provide an excellent excuse to go all out, with make up that’s creative and more high fashion driven. This is the perfect moment to experiment with metal shine!

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