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Vincent Longo

VL Life Blog
  • Travel Beauty Guide: Tips For Looking Fresh On Long-Haul Flights

    Long haul flights are extremely rough on the body. Constant exposure hour after hour to recycled air with a low humidity content causes dehydration, leaving skin drab and starved for moisture. A sedentary position restricts the flow of blood and oxygen making you lethargic and can often result in puffiness from water retention. Add a lack of sleep to the mix and you have a recipe for beauty disaster!

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  • Spring 2015 - Makeup Look 2

    Our Spring 2015 Collection tutorial continues, with another amazing look inspired by our new products! We are giving you all sorts of creative ideas, from 3-minute make up to learning how one product can be worn many ways, let the VL professionals take you on a cosmetic tour of spring.

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  • Spring 2015 - Makeup Look 1

    The Canonical Collection

    Reimagine beauty this spring with Vincent Longo Cosmetics’ Canonical Collection. Rooted in the Renaissance, this collection of versatile color palettes and enlightened formulas inspires the artist within. Eyes glisten with rich, dimensional color in warm linen, silky fawn and golden obsidian. Cheeks glow with an easy one step application of highlight and lowlight in peony pink, sun-washed coral and soft bronze. Lips gleam in shades of ripe raspberry, crystalline nude and burRead More

  • How To Fix Your Broken Eyeshadow

    Everyone has experienced that “uh oh” moment when a brand new eyeshadow compact hits the floor, leaving you with a sad puzzle of cracked powder pieces to contend with. Fear not! There’s no need to trash it, because with just a few steps you can repair and reuse the remaining product.

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  • GRAPHIC LINER: Creating All The Right Angles

    Donatella Versace’s take on the avant-garde came complete with modern gothic makeup to echo the angular deconstructed edge of her Versace Atelier Haute Couture show (in Paris this past January). Draped satin and sequins juxtaposed against metal hardware and leather buckles created glamorous contrast; the clothing demands a graphic cosmetic statement to match!

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  • PEARL X: An Eyeshadow Compact with Multiple Personalities

    Several shades of distinct color combine in each Pearl X Eyeshadow compact,  creating a rainbow of options in different textures that can be used for shading, highlighting and lining. Produce a soft, natural look, or a sexy, smoky eye, by simply focusing your shadow application. Can one product possibly be this multi-functional?

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  • Bombshell Makeup Made Easy!

    Be a bombshell with little effort! By using a classic combination of just three colors, you can build a smoky-eyed look worthy of vixen status! Create balance with neutrals for the remainder of your features, a peachy nude lip and subdued cheek highlight without competing.

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  • Rich Royals

    If you hear the words, “blue eyeshadow” and think 80’s-ick, think again! A sea of blues can be tricky to navigate, but with the proper guidance, shades of cobalt, indigo and royal blue can be flattering on any skin tone. Richly rewarding color gives eyes a vibrant pop; you just need to know exactly how to wear the blues!

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  • Shades of Grey

    A sexy smoky eye with several shades of grey just screams “sultry,” but there’s no need to stock a range silver and charcoal shadows at home. By layering the color, you can create a look that is sheer and soft, or build the shadow for greater density. Deep gray ombre with shades of light and dark create dimension on the lid, while highlighting the inner corners with a pale shimmer will enlarge the overall perception of the size and shape of your eyes.

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  • Oxblood Everything

    Oxblood? It’s one of those things that looks better than it sounds…a beautiful deep burgundy wine color with hints of chocolate and plum. It’s a high-end editorial hue in fashion and beauty circles, communicating both passion and power!

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